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His Weak Love

by Wide Writer 2 days ago in social commentary

What is love without loyalty?

Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash

Don’t you love her?

I do

When she finds out?

She won’t

What if?

Obviously, Break up


Years spent sharing memories

Will be gone just like that

Will you be okay with it?


What kind of a question is that?

She’s the love of my life.

Then why do you act like this

Isn’t having her enough for you?


The pleasure, the thrill,

And the thought of getting caught,

It’s too much to just let go.

This one herself asked me out

Who would say no to a chance like that?


What kind of an excuse is that?

You could’ve said no.

If you didn't want


No sane man would reject such a chance

Do you think anyone in our circle

Would say no,

If our girls approached them?


No way I would

If it’s otherwise,

We really are in a bad circle.


I’m talking of ordinary people

Not an idiot, in a fantasy world,

Waiting for the perfect one

And you know well

From which circle

I found this one


Your girl clearly has a bad taste

When it comes to friends and love

And do you think she would act like

The way you do for pleasure and thrill


No way she would

She is loyal

That’s why I love her so much


What a sad love

For someone loyal

To be with

Someone like you


Enough with lectures

You are too drunk

Let's just go home


What is love without loyalty?

So weak that lust can betray

Take time and wait for the one

Who holds loyalty above all else

To have a love that never betrays

-[Wide Writer]-

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