His Raging Passion

An untameable wildfire

His Raging Passion

The warmth of you protected and guarded me within your embrace.

I was a soul intoxicated in a raging passion and war within myself.

For me to be only near you, was a desire to tame and bind as one.

The road alone seemed distasteful and bland,

As if the old mischief and sought adventure had but elapsed.

All I wanted was to share the untraveled road,

using the freckled constellations upon your face as my navigation.

Staring into the face Venus,

I beheld Aphrodite’s child within grasp.

I wanted to own you,

feed my millennial hunger and compassion

which for so long had been strung barren against the winds of time.

Yet slowly within the silence,

you began to depart from my reach.

And resolution of such had slowly started to become irrevocable.

- Come back to me.

• Fatima Elmusbahi •

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Fatima Elmusbahi

'Thus you came to be,

within the universe.

A shining light amongst dark matter

 and solitary emptiness'

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