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His Eyes

A Poem

By Elise Published 4 years ago 1 min read
His Eyes
Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

His eyes haunt me still, 

they were eyes that hid many secrets, 

secrets he would not tell me. 

Yet they were the eyes I fell in love with.

But the day arrived

when a secret of his 

was revealed.

The truth was a knife to my heart,

it did not set me free,

instead, it set my soul alight.

He no longer loved me.

He once had seemed so soft and kind,

but it all had melted away, 

and his eyes lost their spark,

the light of love had vanished.

The day our love died 

was the day I buried him by the ocean.

I could not bear to stare 

into the eyes of someone 

who no longer loved me.

But I still hear him,

he calls for me,

he whispers my name into the ocean breeze

and my soul aches for his touch.

But he tore me apart 

when he looked at me so coldly,

I cannot forgive him.

Yet I miss him dearly,

I miss staring into his eyes.

And as I sit by his grave 

I swear the earth moves, 

and he stirs from beneath,

but I refuse to release him.

The waves try to capture me, 

wishing to drag me to my death.

Or perhaps it is he who controls the waves,

perhaps he wants me to join him in the afterlife.

But if I join him will his eyes be full of love?

Or will there only be a cold emptiness?

Curiosity moves me forward

and the ocean drags me under.

Life begins to drift from my body

and I see him in the distance,

but he doesn't look at me with love,

his eyes are dark and full of rage,

suddenly I regret letting this cold death take me.


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I love all things tarot, art, and writing!

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