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by Wolfe Rygaard 2 months ago in sad poetry
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Trying to Put the Pieces Together

I'm sorry I couldn't see your struggles

Even when you tried your best to show me

I'm sorry I couldn't hear your cries for help

Even when you screamed with all your might

I'm sorry I couldn't feel your pain

Even when you were hurting the most

God gave us another chance

I promise to do all I can

I know I failed time and again

But now I finally understand

How dumb you can feel

When getting good grades

How worthless you can feel

When lifting a trophy

How alone you can feel

When surrounded by friends

I know you have no reason to believe

But if you put your trust in me

I'll walk through hell happily

To see you smile genuinely

For me, you don't have to be strong

I'll carry you when you feel weak

For me, you don't have to smile

I'll wipe your tears when you feel low

For me, you don't have to pretend

I'll be by your side no matter how you feel

Through eight long years, we have endured

I'm looking forward to eighty more

sad poetry

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Wolfe Rygaard

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