Hinatuan River

A Poem about The Philippines

Hinatuan River

Hinatuan river

a place to shine with rosy light

sip sweet coconut milk

run in the water with floaties

and jump like a star in the pool.

Bamboo huts and durian trees

facing the glitter azure river

like houses by the seaweed lake

with mandarin guppies swimming

and pear green leaves dancing in the ocean mist.

Creamy ube ice cream and pineapple juice

on the beige wooden chair by the black radio

boys in trunks and girls in bathing suits

skipping to the drums and bass

like island aqua dancers playing marco polo.

Hinatuan river

a place to bloom with shining teeth

jet black hair and cherry lips

diamond earrings and silver chains

and a bouquet of edible mango tulips.

nature poetry
Talia Devora
Talia Devora
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