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When I look at you I feel.....

By Jessica Pedraza NicanorPublished 4 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

When I look at you I feel like I’m in another world, in another place, at another time, and in another body.

When I see your eyes I feel like I’m staring at the stars and wondering why they shine the way they do.

When I see you, I can feel running out off air, I feel like you are taking all the air I have in my lungs, I feel my blood traveling my entire body, and I feel my toes wet, and I can feel the sand touching my toes, and yes I am at the edge of the ocean, even sometimes I feel like walking on grass, fresh grass.

When I hear your voice it is like listening to then wind and hearing the leaves fall like we are in autumn, also I can hear sometimes the waves of the ocean crash on each other.

When I touch you I can feel my skin burning slowly, and it is the softest skin in this world, it also feels like touching hundreds of roses planted by you.

When I touch your hair it is like feeling cold smoke and recently cut off grass at the same time.

When you pass by me I can sometimes smell your natural sense, but I smell also your cologne, and I love both and it sends electricity to my nose.

I imagine kissing you and I know it is weird in so many ways, but I imagine that you taste like strawberries with chocolate or even mint, and cold lips getting hot with every second we kiss.

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Jessica Pedraza Nicanor

Writing is about sharing any type of emotions and thoughts the writer has to share with the public. I share my writing with only one purpose, let my feelings through my writing relate, help, and inspire someone out there.


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