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Him & Her

by Marina Beshara about a month ago in sad poetry
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What a cruel life, turning every good dream into a nightmare that when you wake up, you scream.

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Her hair is a shade of the bright colours of the leaves in fall,

dancing along with the wind like a ballerina doll,

a doll that sings a happy melody,

a melody, soft like mellow cotton candy.

But also the colour of the hue of the new spring growth,

the spring of miracles when he first met her.

He watches her through the window,

separating them like the walls of Jericho,

watching her red lips like a rose petal,

wishing he can melt the window and kiss her.

But...but she kept it open, allowing him to steal a sight of her.

What’s wrong with that?" He tells himself.

The wind echoes in his ear like a wild beast tangled in a net.

It messes up her hair.

Tendrils dancing on the breeze.

The breeze cold as ice

And will never pare.

He dreams of her hair.

What a long golden river!

The death river he drowns in,

the river that is full of clouds of despair.

She compels him with her green eyes.

The green of the mystical lake

And that lake is his mirror

That reflects his forbidden love for her

Like David’s love for Abigail.

He decides to take another step.

To this crazy love.

He goes to her door and knocks.

She gets dazed when she opened the door.

The smell of coconut eddies towards his nostrils

And the blue colour of her eyes draws him to her

He gets compelled by her look

“Can I help you?”

He smiles, tilts his head,

Like a child looking at his mother

Lover, he needs her as a lover.

“I love you.” he finally says.

His eyes never leaving hers

So innocent not knowing what’s coming.

She frowns.

The taste of silence is foreign to her tongue.

And with a few little words,

She breaks his years of dreams.

What a cruel life, turning every good dream

Into a nightmare that when you wake up,

You scream.

sad poetry

About the author

Marina Beshara

★ F I N D M E ★

Wattpad: riinab

Instagram: riinapoetry

Tiktok: riinapoetry

Personal Instagram: m.a.ri.na

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