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by Desoba 6 months ago in love poems
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IV - A young girl's tale

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

A man walked up to me and asked for my name

He looked me straight in the eye

expecting an immediate response

Yet my mind had wondered off thinking

of the possible reasons why he asked.

Was he sent by others to see if I was a tramp?

could it be that God had finally sent "the one"

Or was I just misreading a simple intention.

Did he want to ask me something ?

Or was he hoping to know more about me.

I couldn't stop thinking about what it could be

not until I heard a voice say " Just let him in"

So I smiled dreaming of what could unfold

Oh the joy, the thrill... I was completely sold

Yet another voice cautioned me to see the signs

It said "try your very best to read between his lines

you wouldn't want to end up as one of his concubines"

At this point I was completely lost.

Image by Maria Hunter from Istock

In my mind, I could see two versions of myself casting lots

One was beaming with pride, dreaming with me

The other was completely crossed.

What to do? what to do?

I couldn't continue to leave this beautiful man in the blue

I thought of walking away or averting his gaze

But I remembered all the lessons I learnt on Sundays

So I closed my eyes in an attempt to evaluate our options.

Imagine my shock when I noticed that my "crossed self" was only my assumptions.

Or my shame when I realised that my "joyous self" had other ideas that I can't even mention.

By Ave Calvar on Unsplash

He must have thought I didn't hear him

For he moved closer swiftly with no fear

He hooked me with his eyes and asked again.

But this time my mind did not waiver

I had stripped all my "versions" and now was thinking clearer

For I could see that this was a man

who wanted nothing more

but to know the name of the beautiful lady he just saw

So I stretched out my hands,

cleared my throat,

and said...



love poems

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