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Hey, I’m Lost Can You Help Me?

by Sol Devereaux 4 years ago in art


Hey, I’m Lost Can You Help Me?

Do you know what is right?

Wanting it for my guide

Everyone tells me the life I live

Is like a church girl representing sin

Repenting, implementing I forgot what was said

Sometimes I prefer to lay in bed

Other than expressing creativity

The thought of energy to get you away from me

Eats and eats

Fuck this emotional feast

Mistakes I make are open

For laughter of such atrocious scenes

When no one else shared

The definition glows brightly of what that means

Keep the fun to myself to the ones close

Like I was casted away on my comical boat

Voyagers can agree the time taken alone

Reveals memories that bring the feeling of home

Acted out on characteristics they love

Destroyed by disagreements that run

But who are we to be when it isn’t right

Being like you is like taking the last bite

Do you know what that means?

No, but that’s what makes me unique

Strange looks make me weak

At the fact that they will never know me

They will never know me

They don’t even care to know me

Why would I force the life I breathe

Thinking if that was really what he means


Sol Devereaux

Coach | Student | Las Vegas | I like to express my mind.

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Sol Devereaux
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