Hey, Could You Love Me?

Spoken Word Poetry About Loving Through Depression

Hey, Could You Love Me?
Credit: ALTPhotos, a Tumblr community

Hey, could you love me?

I have broken bones, they shake and they rattle

sometimes I can’t stand straight or crack a smile

I feel sick, tired and I never know why

and my head screams at me, “Why do you try?”

Hey, would you love me?

I swear to you that a good person inside

Deep deep down under this bad riptide

I try my best and I really do care

just try to ask about me if I’m not there

Hey could you love me?

There are days I can’t even get out of bed

or eat or think or blink, so the tired voice in my head said

you worthless piece of stupid shit

just stay down, don’t you move one little bit!

Hey, I need your love.

I need a hand of support, of strength and of care

somehow show me, please, remind me you’re there

even as small as a text or as large as a hug

you make it less, this weight I have to lug

Hey, please God just love me anyways

you know that I’ve had my better days

I’ll show you, hell, I’ll show them all

through my depression I can stand tall

But when I crumble, please don’t sweep me up

or push me, leave me, or stir the pot

just hug me, listen and hope that I hear

the sounds you make when you come near

You sound like love, something I once heard

from before I went under this gross turd

of this depression, I once loved all and loved hard

today, is just a bit more difficult of a card

Hey, could you please love me anyway?

I’ll be as good as I can be but when I’m not

just know it’s not your fault, it’s really not

these voices inside me need me to hear

things that aren’t there, they just appear

I battle and I try and I beg them to stop

I point my gun and shoot to kill like a cop

the demons kill me and some days I go under

it’s not a bender, a phase or some blunder

Just love me, please and hold me close

it’s always you that I need most

sad poetry
Lorah Catherine
Lorah Catherine
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Lorah Catherine

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