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Helpless Romantic

A Poem for all the lovely Ladies!!!

By David ThomasPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

If I had that special someone with me I would treat her like a queen who sits on her throne.

I would be her comfort like music, movies, or tv and listen to what she wants or needs; so she will never feel alone.

I would send her a dozen red roses just to show her how much I love her and just on Valentine's Day, but I would make up a special occasion for this lovely lady and show her how much she means to me.

My love would be like a warm honey that drips down into hot tea.

My love is a river that flows down a mountain or like a warm summer breeze.

My love is spiritual and not just physical, I also find it to be attracted to the mental state of mind more than the outer appearance.

I know that some men would be afraid to share or speak of this, but I am not like them.

My love goes beyond what women are wearing or the perfume that she has on and way deeper within the skin they are in.

But I wonder if she can handle my kind of love.

My love would cover every flaw, pain, insecurities, she may feel.

My love is not fiction, not tainted, not smoke screen, but it is all so real.

My love is like hot cocoa after it snows keeping you warm and happy inside.

My love is like a great intellectual conversation that will stimulate and cultivate her mind.

Some people wonder why I think this way knowing it is not heard or even thought of anymore, and they say chivalry is dead and lying down on the ground but I am just the right man to give CPR and revive it.

And even if I tried to hide how I felt on the inside or stop thinking this way, I could not help it because the truth is; I am a Helpless Romantic.

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About the Creator

David Thomas

I am a 34 year old author/spoken word artist who has written 2 poetry books and an autobiography. I love to write poems that are well versed and talk about everything that is going in society. I will putting some poetry on here.

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Comments (2)

  • David Thomas (Author)2 years ago

    Thank you Real Poetic

  • Real Poetic2 years ago

    Love this.

David ThomasWritten by David Thomas

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