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Heavenly Hunger

by Christine Antosca 2 years ago in love poems

Finding someone in your life that fulfills your hunger for what you've been looking for

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Freezing rain

pours on my heart

when you are not around.

Missing you

shatters it into a million pieces.

Thumping pounds my ears

each second you are gone.

Harboring to myself

the feelings you bring.

No one can know,

not even you.

Compelled to give in,

fighting the feelings

are not worth all the angst and pain.

The hunger for you is real

and at the same time,

a fantasy I live.

No words can explain

the hooks you planted on my heart.

Grasping tightly,

pulling on the strings

strong enough,

they can break at any moment.

Can't escape the dampness

of the tears you constantly bring

with your actions.

Though I try,

you always claw your way back

into my heart.

Path to my heart,

turns and curves

each time you've done me wrong.

Finicky emotions appear,

but you know all the right words to say.

The impulse is heavenly,

accepting you the way you are.

Forgetting the times

you've made me cry.

Never will come a day

when I won't need you

in my life.

Don't flinch

or even wince

at the thought you will

once again go astray.

It is the new normal

I've learned to accept.

For you can always fill

the hunger I crave.

love poems

Christine Antosca

I am a freelance writer who writes novels as a ghostwriter. I am also a poet. I love to read. I’m a former figure skater. I am now beginning my career in comedy as a standup comic.

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Christine Antosca
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