by Astraldreamer 6 months ago in heartbreak

Have you ever loved someone?


have you ever loved and lost

a love so strong

that you feel like you just can not go on

have you ever cried so much that the tears run dry

and there's nothing left to fall from your eyes

a heart that hurts and is broken in two

your brain asking why, wondering what wrong did you do?

no light in your eyes

and no joy in your days

and the pain cuts like a knife

when you wake and remember your love has gone away

you don't wanna eat and you just cannot sleep

all you have now are memories to keep

but the memories leave you tossing and turning each night

and leave you wishing you could go back in time,

to stop that fight

to make things right

to have your love back in your arms

to feel warm and safe with a content heart

you ask yourself what is the harm

in reminiscing and pretending you were never apart

have u ever lost someone loved

and prayed to the above

to send them the words you wish you could say

to say sorry , to ask them to take away your pain

to help you become stronger with each coming day.

it aches, it hurts and its really not nice

but please try to remember this advice

every love lost is a lesson,

from each one lost we all learn

what we want and what we dont want

we see where we went wrong

where we took a wrong turn

and we see our own mistakes

allowing us to work on them

we learn to raise our standards

so we may not make the same mistakes again

our tears will dry and our hearts will mend

and when we are ready a new love will come

don't wait for it, don't look for it

just live your life

and one day your guardian angel

may just send u a new love as a surprise.

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