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He Never Told

by Jason J. Marchi about a month ago in sad poetry

A Secret Night Meeting

He Never Told
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Eight times so beautiful

That’s how fair she was

And he was the first to know it.

He met her only once

On that silver summer night

Under the silent trees

In the hours before dawn.

She had obsidian eyes to hold his reflection

And slender legs to rub against his,

A ruby mouth, and fine, fine hair

And silk she’d weave so splendidly

As her nightly work.

She wove for him this silvery castle

Making a home for him to find.

And when he arrived

She gladly spun him up to her

Under an impartial moon.

No one saw, no one knew

He made love to her and died.

Kept it to himself

How complete he felt,

And how the light made her look

So ripe, so radiant

Eight times so beautiful.

sad poetry

Jason J. Marchi

Jason is a newspaper reporter and fiction writer. His books include: Ode on a Martian Urn, The Legend of Hobbomock-The Sleeping Giant, The Growing Sweater, and Venus Remembered. Jason lives in his childhood home, in Guilford, Connecticut.

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Jason J. Marchi
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