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Haunted By The Unknown

The Poem is about the fear we have when we have to move on from a place of familiarity- be it trauma, childhood, dearest memories, hometown, etc, to an unfamiliar place- new relations, new destinations, new feelings, etc. I tried to encapsulate it with as much poise as I could. I hope you all will like it.

By utsav dhyaniPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

You are haunted by the unknown,

In the newly found trails of life,

The mystery compels you.

Your heart is overwhelmed, and your mind is turbulent!

For there is nervousness and excitement

like a pack of wolves, they engulf you.

You are haunted by the unknown,

In the long lost moments you held dear.

You seek company, familiarity,

of those feelings that comfort you.

The ones you have felt before, the ones you understand!

In the strange, odd places, events, people,

And in the moment right in front of you.

You are haunted by the unknown,

In the bewilderment of the moment.

For anything can happen!

You feel scared! of that silence in you

when you get conscious of things-

Of the attachments you will leave behind.

For the new mystery you will pursue.

You are haunted by the unknown,

Aahh!! Which is more painful?

To leave my memories behind? (However cruel or soothing)

For they were so comforting and familiar, mine!

Or follow the unknown? (However hopeful the idea seems)

Which I know nothing about.

You are haunted by the unknown,

And yet you got no choice,

But to move toward the unknown.

Life is all about choices, but all of them are for the future, for the unknown

And none for the past, for the known.

And you take all your heart,

embracing all the turbulence

that you are feeling inside

As you step foot by foot,

into the light.


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