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What does that even mean?


Choosing Happiness

Really? What a mission


Fleeting. Temporary.

Yes. I’m switching.


It’s what’s missing.

It is comfortable.

Much more fitting.

Zone of predictability.

Nothing new to see.

What about the vision?

It’s plausible.

Stressing. Constant worry.

It’s stifling.

Sick, of miserable.

Something's missing.

Not comfortable!?

Who are you kidding?

No more predictability!

There’s much more to see!

Fear of Happiness

I guess I'm scared.

I try and try, until I feel I'm there.

Then I stop. Only aware,

Of my shortcomings. Scared.

Everything seemed to be in place.

On the verge of something great, I swear.

Yet, I feel only disgrace.

As I can only stare.

My dreams, over there...

I am nowhere.

I can’t care.

I’m running in place.

They all look and stare.

What if I am losing the race?

sad poetry
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