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by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 9 months ago in performance poetry
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Mikeydred's First Poetic Challenge - Karin Venables


This is a series of short sonnets based on suggestions by Vocal friends. I will include a suitable video as well.

The challenge is “give me a subject and five words and I will try and create a sonnet”.

This is from Karin Venables:

Happiness Words: cost, delight, love, eternity, soul.


Happiness has little cost

When you delight me so much

I love your smile, words so soft

Eternity beckons our love


My soul is yours, and yours mine

Happiness is here for us

Our future now looks so fine

Together In love we trust


I cannot say just how much

Your sweetest smile delights me

I think of you You’re My love

Your lovely face I must see

We’ll walk to eternity

Hand in hand, happy and free


performance poetry

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