Haikus for the New Year

The Yawning-House, & Other Wayward Visions

Haikus for the New Year


I went climbing far

just to reach myself in need;

But saw myself fall


I went climbing far

Now I climb back down, steady

Ready to plant seeds


These small seeds planted;

the same, that are such tall trees

I shall climb again


I Learned From Mother

I learned from mother

"Love - a force that cannot hate

those who cannot love"


I learned from mother

“Do what you will, son…steady,

Come home...to yourself”


I Weep For Father

Father in darkness

we left him, lying alone

pondering himself


He loved not himself

Only those who made him small;

invisible things

…. .

Father, I weep for

times spent - waiting, hating you

Father...forgive me


Yawning House

The yawning-house sits

still, upon the prairie hill…

and leans into time

…. .

Yawning-house; it's where

all who toil, are left to rest

and attest to soil


Dragon Heart

Dragon heart breathes fire

Like phoenix rising I sing

and hope to break free

…. .

'Dragon heart, teach me...

Grow strong my wings, mighty things;

Help me to fly far'



Towers rise, trees fall

machines with teeth, bite and claw

turning this earth black


Trees grow back, we fall

Green thumbs, green minds and green hearts…

Let's back to the start


A Prison by Any Other Name

Adrift is my heart

Coming to rest on cold ground

Building up the dark

…. .

If I bleed out here

It wasn't your fault, my dear;

This prison was mine


A Demon Train

It rolls on thunder

Screams on through, blown asunder;

Blasting through itself

…. .

Black train, acid rain

Screaming for fuel, fires so cruel

Demon Train...roll on!


Fetters & Feathers, Drawn & Lettered

Fetters and feathers

Drawn and lettered - I sense fear

Behind hawk-eyed hearts

…. .

War hawks wield vengeance

Wounding because of wounding;

Waging war...for peace?


Fetters and feathers

Drawn and lettered - I see tears

Behind war-hawk eyes


Castle Fire

Tower hearth blazes

Heating the king in his lust

All is melted down

…. .

Blaze on, blaze on high

Light up your towers and cry

"All is well-warmed now"


She Steps Forward

She steps forward and

blows smoke-clouds from a furnace

deep inside her dreams

…. .

Cover head with rain...

She's blowing her top again

Full stop...step forward


We Are Such Creatures

Creatures no longer

Be as they should…turned to sand

in these lands of war

…. .

Scurry down below

Hurry down and don't let go

of deep dark safeties


Creatures no longer

Live as they once lived; in love

When can they return?


Monk's Evening-Task; Well-Water Whispers

Evening task – courtyard,

bucket on rope, led down deep

Monk draws up water

…. .

Some voice heard below

Monk wants to know, pulls up rope;



Divinity found

inside a bucket led down

deep, into God's sleep


Too Hot

Held hostage in a

Furnace nightmare - fever, sweats…

Mother brings hot soup!


These Mountain Peaks

These great mountain winds

Speak of dangers, cold and dark

Their peaks...speak of light

These great mountain storms

Speak of courage, blind and mad

Their peaks…speak of growth

These great mountain-falls

Speak of loss, pouring down, down

Their peaks…speak of faith

These great mountain dreams

Speak of fears, avalanche tears

Their peaks…speak of hope

These great mountain paths

Speak of journeys, long and hard

Their peaks…speak of love


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Zeek Levell
Zeek Levell
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