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A Night at the Poetry Bar

By F. Anne FischerPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Pixabay

On a tiny street, paved with stones worn smooth by centuries of feet passing over them, sits the poetry bar. As you drag your stool up to the bar, you tell the bartender you’re in the mood for a good haiku. She passes the menu to you, and leaves you to peruse it while she waits on a couple looking for a list of limericks.


For friends:

Bonds that never break

Through joy, tears, growth, and learning

Friends, ever present

For lovers:

Beauty and romance

Long walks into the sunset

Deepest depths of love

For the lonely:

Loves lost, forgotten

Ever seeking their return

Hope springs eternal

For those out for a good time:

Come for the party

Meet as strangers, part as friends

Repeat tomorrow

love poems

About the Creator

F. Anne Fischer

F. Anne Fischer is a biochemist by day, and author, poet, and dragon collector at night. She lives in Czechia with her very opinionated cat, Agatha, and visits the local castles as often as possible.

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