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by KK245 11 months ago in inspirational
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Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

I was just a bud when I realized I wanted to grow;

They told “study hard n get a good degree and you will grow”;

I did burn midnight oil and got a good degree!

Then they said “get a good job and you will grow”;

I did get a good job!

Then they said “get married and you will grow”;

I did find a partner and got married!

But I wasn’t growing a bit, I was growing desperate , wasn’t content and I wasn’t complete still.

They continued their list and said” have a few children and you will grow”;

I did birth a couple of children !

I still needed to grow.

May be I was growing in their eyes. These were those worldly parameters they measured my growth but least were these mine.

I realized I wasn’t actually growing until I shut myself up from the outside clutters and decided to dig deep within and suddenly found the source of my growth!

I introspected, I analysed and dissected matters down to its only truth, I matured and became that blooming flower spreading its fragrance and colours of joy around !

I grew a lil more and I am growing!


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