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by Cassandra Dawn 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Grief Changes

When you lose someone close to you, everything changes

Grief clothes you and compasses your whole body

Your well being, thought process and how you look at life.

Grief changes everything

Colour seem to change and become clearer

The way you see people and treat people changes

You tend to let people know how much they mean to you

Grief changes everything.

It’s crazy how the world continues to move on, but you’re trying to remember your loved one

Your world stops for a long minute but everyone else’s continues

They don’t know the torture you’re going through

Grief changes everything

Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, you remember the person you’ve lost

You try to look at things the way they would

React the way they would want you to react

You begin to look at life and decisions so differently

Grief changes everything

You try to adapt to this new life without your loved one but you never truly learn how to

Each day gets slightly easier but you never fully heal

You always remember your loved one in the smallest of ways

Grief changes everything

Everything you used to know, changes

The way you used to view life becomes a lot more intense

You honour your loved one and continue their legacy as much as you can

You grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Grief changes everything

You lean on people and trust people to be there to comfort you

They never know what to say but their presence fills you with peace and comfort

This new life without your loved one is difficult, but you try your hardest

Grief changes everything

Grief, is an unfortunate turn of events, disrupts your way of living, grows you and challenges you.

It teaches you so much about yourself that you never knew

Your strength, your tolerance, your coping abilities and much more

Grief changes everything.

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About the author

Cassandra Dawn

Everyone has their own personal hell, it's not up to you to decide or belittle someone's battle in life. We're all trapped and trying to survive in this messed up place we call earth. I was always told I should write out my feelings.

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