by Jade Renteria about a year ago in sad poetry

Sad poem about grieving

A day in the country

My day was a blur and I couldn't focus. Everything around me was moving except me.

I need to get out... now. I got in the car and drove away...

I arrived to only place I have known. In the country where there is no people around for miles... Where I can be myself without worrying about others. Just myself...

I got out of the car and felt the breeze. The wind took my worries and sorrow.

Tears began to formed in my eyes. The worries and sadness has escaped from my eyes. All of my emotions has melted away from my body.

I stood there with tears... I thought why I'm like this. What did I do in life to deserve this? Why am I so sad and always crying? I didn't know why. Silence has escaped from my mouth.

Few mins passed, all of my worries and sadness was gone. I felt a little better. But I know my problems will come back. But I will take a day at a time. One day at a time...

sad poetry
Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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Jade Renteria

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