Green and Gold Haiku

Melting, unfolding, greeting the new light

Green and Gold Haiku

I've caught spring fever

I sweat it out all alone

Cursed travelers

April is in my

mistress' face, but May may not

Flower readily

Petite crocus groves

Ye care not for my omens

Simply sprout and be

Hiding your blossoms?

Inconsiderate neighbor

Don't fade too fast now

Two blue blooms scattered

Wildly through city gardens

Only one greets me

Daffodils! Bulblings!

Manitoba's unfriendly

Welcome to wet home

The ocean's rhythm

Crawls under my skin slowly

Ancient lullaby

The sun's heat buzzes

With dermal depth. My eyes sting

But the bright drives through


Battered, bent by brazen winds


Indigo and red

Fuschia melts to softer rose

The Breathless Garden

Washing on the line

Heady lilacs knock me back

Pink legs, burrs, insects

This is Judy's street

She weaves freely like dust motes

Dancing in the sun

The sand slips onward

Powder blue babies peek out

And green bushes swell

nature poetry
Violet P. Davies
Violet P. Davies
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