Great Destroyer

Please be kind to each other

Great Destroyer

All the Giants in fairy tales who destroy buildings & castle

Don't hold a candle to the destruction you've done to me

To the annihilation you've done to my ability to feel to think and to live

You've used the cursed knife called words to stab into the deepest of my soul

You burned your words to my mind so that it would take a lifetime to scrub off

You've draged me with chains to the darkest corners of my mind and left me there to die

You will never be able to undo the damage you've done

You think you've made a warrior great destroyer


You made a warrior weak and unable to ever love

How does it work?
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Octavia McClintic

Hello lovelies! My name is octavia & I love to write poetry & talk about beauty and self care! Please feel free to check out my posts every week! Remember, to love each other and yourself

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