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Goodbye Zoe

In memory of my dear friend

By Ashley Tong Published about a year ago 1 min read

With a road between us

You shouted your number

And that was how our friendship begun

The past no longer cumbered

As quizzical as it may be

How I was so behind in years

You never failed to see

The way our hearts cohere

Now I am left with your strokes on papers

Ever as debonair as you were

Even after your untimely departure

Your words have never been clearer

I shudder at the thought

of never hearing from you again

But in a silence so distraught

I know you are no longer in pain

Somewhere past the Karman line

Is where your new world will start

I hope you will give me a sign

That you are now amongst the stars

sad poetry

About the Creator

Ashley Tong

If I were a painter, linguistics would be my palette, and poetry my favourite brush. If I were an artist, nature would be my muse, and music my companion, and I shall endeavour to depict life as I see it.


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