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Good Enough

A Poem About Self-Worth

By Brittany IvyPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Good Enough
Photo by Aimee Vogelsang on Unsplash

They held me down and told me I wasn't good enough.

With their words and hands they chipped away at my soul.

Forever prideful of being stern and rough.

No perception of what’s bred from force and control.

They tried to break me down and stop me from telling

The world about all the lies that they’ve been selling.

They held me down and told me I wasn’t good enough.

To create and obedient girl was their goal

But I never quite took to finery and fluff

The trauma I had endured was taking its toll.

No shiny thing could convince me that my yelling

Wouldn’t save me from the hell where I was dwelling.

They held me down and told me I wasn’t good enough.

They were wrong but what they did to me took a toll.

I knew I would make it out but it would be tough.

I blew my own dice and stepped back to watch them roll.

I’ve seen the magic myself and now I’m telling

You’re all good enough without buying what they’re selling.

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About the Creator

Brittany Ivy

I am a DREAMER! And I hope you are too!

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