Another poem written back in the early 2000s by Bazooka! Indulge!


Losing my skin

Losing my face of past sins

What does it take to be king?

I need everything

Now I got nothing

Never in control

Losing my soul

Trying to dig out of this hole

Blackness in the daylight

Nobody knows that I'm never home

Letting it all go singing funny tones

What does it take to be a fling?

I need delicious sins

Now I got it all

Losing control

While in this hole

Blackness caressing with light

I thought I had it

But I was always gone

Living a life monotone

Chased by a shadow

Laughing following while I wallow

Need to expunge this clinging shit

Making me want more hits

My control completely gone

performance poetry
Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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