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Gone are the Days

by Jillian A. Weiss 11 months ago in sad poetry · updated 10 months ago
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The loss of Friendship

Gone are the Days
Photo by Charlein Gracia on Unsplash

Gone are the days when we sat together. Gone are the days, where we laughed and played in the sunshine. You were the tomboy, I was the little princess. The one that held your hand and told you that it would be ok. And in my child-like innocence, I thought you would forever stay.

That you would ever be my friend through thick and thin. Through tears and joy. Then one day my faith was misplaced when he came and swept you away. Walking down a path that I could not follow. I thought I knew you, but I guess, I was wrong. You were the first treasure that I would let go of. Goodbye, my friend, it grieves me that I must shut the door.

But I refuse to be naive, you always were the headstrong one, once you've made a choice there is no going back. I pray to God, that you'll one day wake up. And see that you were always enough.

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Jillian A. Weiss

I'm 24 years old looking to put myself out there as a writer and make my voice heard. I write poetry and fiction. I may branch out into other genres too. If you like my work please leave a tip!

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