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Goldfish Outshine Humans: The Shocking Truth About Our Attention Span

Unveiling the Astonishing Truth: Humans Have Shorter Attention Spans than Goldfish!

By Riches AvenuePublished 5 months ago 1 min read

A flicker of thoughts, a buzz in our mind,

We hop from one to another, so quick to find

A moment of stillness, a pause in between

A rare chance for focus, that’s barely seen.

In the blink of an eye, we're off once again

Distracted and pulled, like a leaf in the wind

Our attention, so fickle, like a flame on a breeze

Can't hold it for long, like a dancer can't freeze.

In contrast to us, a fish in a bowl

Swimming around, with a singular goal

Focused and determined, with nothing to stray

Able to stay on task, for hours in a day.

It's shocking to see, how our minds have declined

Goldfish outshine us, in the quest to find

A concentrated state, in this world full of noise

But with practice and patience, we can find that poise.

Let us learn from the fish, with their simple allure

And cultivate our focus, to stay secure

In the moment we're in, with our minds fully present

And discover the treasures, that we've been neglecting.

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About the Creator

Riches Avenue

I'm a Professional Freelance Writer, a Proofreader, a Poet, a Song Writer, a Translator, and a Math Solving Expert. Am Open to Writing gigs and Math Solving Homeworks.

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  • Test5 months ago

    Well Written My Dear

  • Big Dreams5 months ago

    a meditating fish :)

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