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by Tink 2 years ago in heartbreak

.. AND stAND

I don't know why I choose people like you
I give what you want but you take the rest of me too
I'm not the one who's gonna be lonely
I'm not the one who's looking for more
I'm not trying to be your one and only
...I know you don’t know what you’re still searching for
Sure I have dreams of the way that you hold me
But one eye is open while you're scolding me
And I've counted the steps out our shared entry door

I'm in your world you can do as you please
So take what you want while I'm down on my knees
Go on and pour your control into me
I won't use it against you nor say no to your needs
You don't make me swallow and you don't make me plead
But damned if I know what to do with your seed
You're complicated - you're three to my one
As bizarre as that sounds it still says something son

So next time I'm level with your eyes and you're fuming
Look deeper into mine and realize what you're doing

You're mean, you don't have to be, and you're breaking my heart
Can't you see that I bleed - whether I am or I'm not
Whatever it is -that you do or don't want

You're hurting me on purpose because you know that you can
And I won't hurt you back because that's not who I am
So go on while I sit here... Just go on and stand



I'm starting another chapter. But I'll never write my book. I'll write for you. I'll consult and enhance, revise and reword your entire tale. Until your story becomes my favorite song and has absolutely nothing to do with you.

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