Glow of Love

Tense Presence

Glow of Love

Your presence is tense and I sense a side of you that often hides

Don't abide in this place of sorrow

Please borrow some of my time and allow me to hold space for you to face your problem

I will listen intensely

What has shaken you so?

I remember a time when your light would shine

A glow I know to be brighter then the sun

One moment with you made my mood swing

As you reveled in the majesty of everything

And now you sing sad songs of blue

So true do they resonate

and I appreciate your state

I will use this dark wisdom to help all that suffer as you

If you can't find any joy in this moment, know I care and want to understand so we can find a plan out of here

what has shaken you so?

You've lost your confidence

Love seems distant

Fear is your friend but he is making you miserable

are you trapped? or have you lost your fire?

i can relate

i once was in a state where every person, place and thing weighed on me

the loving embrace of THC seeped through me to numb my pain

i was going insane imagining the rest of my life without joy

and every moment i was not working, i was thinking

going over every possible way to escape this gaping hole sucking the life out of me

and i couldn’t see how life would ever light me up

you came and embraced me

gave space and faced me head on without fear of the demons i was chained to

so blue was that moment when you asked what i was afraid of

saw the horror deep below

came with me to and fro as i explained the path that took me here

and i realized the depths of my fear

and so brightly did i shine

like gasoline to my fire i perspired light!

oh god how i believed this fight was over and i had lost!

it only cost you 10 minutes of your time

and for a moment my life was truly mine

and i believe every things going to be fine

the battles not over and i haven’t won

but you relit my passion and i can fuel myself once again

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Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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