Global Dream

by Francis Y. Algonkin about a year ago in slam poetry

Funny Poem

Global Dream

I'm waking one morning, looking through the doorway.

Many fjords outside, like I'm in the Norway.

Could it be Australia, am I seeing a little wombat?

No It's probably Africa, I hear some distant gunshots and a combat.

Maybe I'm going nuts, there's some strange inland,

Suddenly thousand lakes appear, like I'm in the Finland.

Some yacht is approaching, on the deck I see a yachtsman,

Carrying a Saltire in his hands, could it be a Scotsman?

What's that hopping around, some little green gremlin?

On his forehead I can see a caption, it says "Kremlin".

Some angel is flying around, yelling he's from Eden,

No you aren't dummy, I can see your T'shirt, it says Sweden.

Those songs you're singing, they sound kiddish,

Oh angel, have you forgotten English, why you speak Yiddish?

What??? You need to borrow my kidney?

Run the hell away from me, go to freaking Sidney.

Again you changed a language, let me get you a lexicon,

Don't wave that Mayan calendar in front of me, what are you, a Mexican?

Oh my Gosh, this all looks like a strange farrago,

Suddenly I woke up, thank God I'm in Chicago!

slam poetry
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