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by Laura Todd 11 months ago in sad poetry

Go away so I can miss you

If you're going to haunt me I wish you would die dear

You hurt me as much as when you were here

We agreed it was best that you go

We agreed with everyone we know

The fighting wasn't cute anymore 

The bed forgot what we used it for 

I don't recall the words to our song

It felt like love, I played along

I don't remember what I said

Your every word echoes in my head

I shiver, your hands were never cold

I still hear your records that I sold

Your pillow still smells like your cologne

I wish I could ever feel alone

If I knew why you hate me

Yes, I know you told me so

You can take the heart out of the boy

But your ghost won't let me go

If you're going to haunt me I wish you



sad poetry

Laura Todd

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