by Solo Gamez 8 months ago in art

A poem for a ghost


Realize that I can never

stand in your way because

you will just walk right through me

I am not the only

ghost that has a heartbeat

roaming around to find

a neon gravestone that

I cannot get into

The only graveyard that

I haunt is our past

When you feel a chill on

your back or a small

embrace on your arm it's

me, trying to get your attention

I should have known

you weren’t the one

when I put the engagement

ring on the wrong finger

but I thought it was nerves

And there you are

ignoring every gesture

So from this, I learned

There will come no

resurrection on your part

so I will float here

until someone is ready

to bring my life back

You will see me again one day

but it will not be me

but a doppelgänger

You will miss me

and when you try

to find me again

you will only find the

graveyard I used to haunt

and you will notice

that my ghost is gone too.

Solo Gamez
Solo Gamez
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