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Gemini City

by David William Parry about a year ago in performance poetry
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A Narration of Schizophrenia

I once met Hercules in Café Nero

As a barista between cups and croissants,

Albeit armoured by a tight white tee shirt,

Above bulging and shapely grey jeans.

Yet, golden curls crowned an alien brow,

Because his carefully barbered beard

Somehow proved London a Gemini city;

A schizophrenic house of clones in Capricorn,

And a neurotic mise-en-scène inside Aries.

Whereat everything progressive had a price tag

Apart from our anthropic souls,

Since piglets had peddled them previously

When a false Moon flickered in both Houses

Among scenarios cacophonous to singularity.

Oh my, oh my my! If only the Zodiac –

Performed in every hundredth Parliament,

Would stick to its own Gnosis.

performance poetry

About the author

David William Parry

Rev Dr David William Parry (he, him, his) is a multi-award-winning poet, essayist, dramatist, and queer pastor of Valentine’s Hall, a Metropolitan Community Church Oasis founded in South London, UK.

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