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by Zachary Boulanger 2 years ago in social commentary

The Moment #6

Photo by yoav hornung on Unsplash

I need a hug from up above

too bad I never felt true love

religion needs to wash its face

so we can grow as a human race.

So tired of the tea inside of me

not once have I ever felt truly free

from stigma—fuck that shit—vernacular?

freedom of speech girl I thought you were...

Supposed to be the one to understand

the one to be there when I hurt my hand

from writing all this stuff it's from a can

of worms that opened up inside this man.

I feel a little more empathy

when listening to a voice I know called We

a day that cannot be taken away

I don't give a shit—so call me gay.

I'm gay for her and him again

I'm gay for love is back again

I'm gay if you would just sit still

but I suppose you never will...

social commentary
Zachary Boulanger
Zachary Boulanger
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Zachary Boulanger

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