Gavin the Green

just exists

Gavin the Green
Be like me

The wonder of Gavin the sea turtle

Lies in his nonchalant existence

Not that he matches the coral perfectly

Or his environment spectacularly

But the fact that his

care free stupor

makes him beautiful

and extraordinary

Green on green spares life

Like a glass shell

Transparent to the ocean floor

Predators swim by in search

of other creatures

Non-transparently swerving neurotically

Nervously attracting attention,

Asking for bites subconsciously

Gavin cruises like a glass window

Into a timelessness where we

Forget who and where we are,

A portal to our souls

Reflecting back

Our neuroses

Like stealing parking spots

Or cutting in line

Or calling names

Or comparing ourselves

But Gavin gives hope to us all

That we may learn to be,

To float

To cruise

To naturalize

With green eyes,

And hypnotize ourselves

into being one of God's

creatures that unknowingly

knows we are loved and accepted,

and adored

nature poetry
Tony Martello
Tony Martello
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Tony Martello

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