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Gate Way

By Business managementPublished 10 months ago 1 min read

The gateway of love, is a place of peace,

A haven of joy, where worries cease.

It's a place where hearts, are open and free,

Where love is the air, and all can be.

It's where we find comfort, in each other's embrace,

Where we can lay down, all our fears and our fate.

It's a place where we grow, in love and in trust,

And where we find peace, in each other's touch.

It's a place where we laugh, and dance in the sun,

Where we can be ourselves, and have fun.

It's where we find solace, in the depths of our hearts,

And where love reigns, and all our fears depart.

The gateway of love, is a place we create,

A place where we grow, and our hearts renovate.

So let us embrace it, and hold it dear,

And cherish the love, that is always here.


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Business management

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