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by jocelyn Townsend 5 months ago in social commentary
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fuck that shit

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash

It is an eerie world where the gaslight's lit,

Behind their backs,

Where the children sit.

In the flickering light their shadows shift.

You think they moved but the lamp was dimmed,

By an unseen man, who in the shadows grins,

As all eyes divert from him.

No one thinks to records the shadows on the wall,

And how they changed from big to small,

If ten men lie,

Then your life falls,

But what if one lies and nine fail to recall?

With my stomach stuck and earthenned like patted clay,

I sit in the bleary wake of day,

In hours when the night fades,

With light-lusting eyes for the sun's rays,

To cast away the shadow's play.

~Nobody wins when the gaslight's lit.

social commentary

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jocelyn Townsend

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