If only I knew


I think about my future all the time

I think about what I'm going to do

I think about all the possibilities

Cause damn I haven't got a clue

I could travel the world

With out a care

Jumping from one continent to the next

With the wind in my hair

I could have children

I could settle down

Live my life simply

In a small town

I could find love in the city

I could move to New York

Meet a sweet guy

And marry the dork

I could invent something

Something new and exciting

Lily that one guy!

You know... The one who invented lighting?

I could start a company

With hundreds working for me

Strike it rich

And pay them all a huge salary

I could breed dogs

Call them My Pets

Love them unconditionally

And spend all my money at the vets

But whatever I do

Cause I still haven't got a clue

I know it will be great

I can't wait

Abby Griffith
Abby Griffith
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Abby Griffith

Abby is a screenwriter and a poet who is inspired by love and loss. She lives in sunny California and spends her time developing new ideas, creating film, and hopping from one coffee shop to the next.

IG: @abigail.ann

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