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by Annabelle Hill 5 months ago in fact or fiction

A poetic tale of how great fun became the norm

There will be no fun in this house!

Said a man from the no-fun police.

In a dark, depressed, serious society where having fun was punished,

secret groups were formed

where people got together





watched movies,

made movies,

played games,

created artwork,


and more.

Some liked to dress up as Smurfs

others, as bananas

some as the Great Wall of China, 80’s disco and Harry Potter.

The no-fun police just wanted a more productive society.

They liked to see people working,


Taking everything REALLY SERIOUSLY!


Mr Banana

made one no-fun police person

attend a fun group.

I thought this was a work-related meeting,

the no-fun police person said,

as his face went red.

Mr Banana

dressed like a banana

handed Theodore (the no-fun police person)

a paintbrush,

and said:

have fun with it.


Theodore had a panic-attack

on the inside

but kept his composure

on the outside.

Then Mr Banana put on Theodore’s favourite song.

What was happening?

Theodore didn’t know

the Smurf-dressed people and others didn’t know

Mr banana had an idea though

Theodore’s feet began to dance to the music

as he started to paint

fuck this is fun!

He said.

All the secret fun gatherings soon became known,

as more no-fun police began to have fun.


the no-fun police began to police people

who weren’t having fun

and if you weren’t having fun

you were in trouble.

That’s six months of fun for you!

I better see you having fun!

That’s warning number one;

were some of the things

The don’t-take-life-so-seriously-and-have-fun police would say.

Good fun Pang.

Not horrible bad shit fun.

You gotta do good quality,

nice fun.

Binkie said to Pang,

who was about to engage in some graffiti fun.

Society was almost there,

with a few little glitches to sort out

the world would soon become

a good quality, nice fun-filled place

ruled by a comedian named Pepin

and everyone laughed most of the time

because Pepin couldn’t help cracking everyone up

even on a bad day

and people he didn’t like

cause he found it to be extremely fun.

The End

fact or fiction

Annabelle Hill

In 2008 Annabelle obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Cross University. She was shortlisted in the ‘Positive Words’ mini short story competition in 2014 and won it in 2015. She has self-published 7 books on Amazon.

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