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Fuck the world

by Anthony Sanders 2 years ago in sad poetry
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by Anthony Sanders

Fuck the world
Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

Fuck the world

And fuck the sun

I might as well for all the shit that they’ve done

For anyone who said that my song has been sung

I decide when I’m done!

believe me, I’ve only just begun

to tear the heads off people who don’t know

All that I’ve had to go through

Just to sit here and tell you

About how I see the beauty in a flower

And it can give you a good hour

They don’t know how I sit in the shower and cry

Because I must lie

To myself about things that don’t matter

So, I can sleep at night

Instead of laying awake in fright

So, fuck the world and anyone who says I can't

sad poetry

About the author

Anthony Sanders

Hello, it nice to be her. I was born to be a writer and poet. i have a published poetry book and I hope you enjoy my work here. One day I hope to be great.

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