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Save my frozen heart

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The world is not real.

My mind has been poisoned by you.

There is nothing I can not feel

And nothing is true.

Here I am lost

Waiting to be found.

As my world slowly begins to frost

And I can’t hear a single sound.

I’m beginning to know

How love feels so real.

But to say it’s a foe

Is like saying one’s layers can not peel.

I promise I could change.

It’s all just so strange

But it’s not how this has to be.

It has all come down to you and me.

As time begins to slow down

I realize I’m beginning to drown

If you just come back

And save me from this attack.

All I need is you

Cause your love keeps me from going completely blue.

I don’t like being cold

So to you, I am sold.

This is not me

When I’m here without you.

You’re the only reason that I’m free.

This is why my heart turns blue.

Waking up without you in the morning

Makes my heart fade away.

So I’m here left sorting

My plan to get through the day.

The cold is getting to me

I think I’ve become frozen

Save me for I don’t want to be frozen.

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Kate Grafton
Kate Grafton
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