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The Gods..

By VioletSunPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read


Any sudden movements will disrupt the soulless peace

Where selfishness is never distant from deceit

Ignite the pity drenched on these beliefs.. Painfully scorched by screams heard in my sleep...

I've yet to find peaks, which grant me solitude for a proper release.

Immunity is a practice more feasible, than serenity.

Life is a struggle, but

please grant me..

Immunity-- from this diluted way of living..

Potency is few & between..

& I hate my visions..

The untrained mind, hates the trained eye..

Guess I should untrain these eyes of mine

Temperature wise..

This winter is colder than the last

Some days, the world comes to me, but most days I choose to stay in

Shriveled up and freezing.. from these degrees and devious deeds.

So, what remains?

The power of choice in my freedom

From being alone.

& The nature within my power

Vicious and promising..


I want to be provoked

To showcase

Maybe even alleviate..

Or crush this gem on my shoulder!

Nearly blinding my every move!

So many maybes..

Losing focus..

Staring deep into nothing..

Standing deep in everything..

& Everyone..


Frozen Stasis

So familiar with outcomes so grim

I say it's stasis, but I am far from my equilibrium

Some days I feel so dumb

Staring deadpan into nothingness

Nerves tickled by my trickling wits

Heart riddled, maybe time will mend..

& I'll eventually

Let go of this..

Nothingness & the Abyss

At least one is endless

I can end up anywhere..

Remaining curious..

Maybe even furious..

A downward spiral brimmed with rage even the depths of hell can not contain

The other is hollow with very little depth

You are encaged, and at times... serene

But there is a corruption, in my eyes

& within I'm exhausted, cause I tried

Blunders have costed.. apparently nothing

& Again, the wondrous realm of what is

What is.. Love?

I don't know for certain..

It burdens.. It ascends.. The pessimist in me would say futile excursions.. Yet for sure, quality immersions.. Smiles have worsened.. A volatile disturbance.. Sensual merges.. Attraction & Distraction, passionate urges..

I'm trying to believe..

In it's purest form

Alone and blemished with scorn

Yet I gave you all of it!

This stillness

What is a man? What is godliness?

What are these mirages? Why do I willfully suffer from these collages?

Magically, frozen in disbelief it's obvious

Power vested in me aligned with bliss

To curse this youthful soul into nothingness


Could it be a divine twist?

It's clear what I miss

Where is my defense?

Crumbled in my stance

Vulnerable even at a glance..

Will I ever stand a chance.





Accepting this corner of darkness

I scream out to the world but no one can hear me

Only the chill can echo

Bouncing back & forth, up and down

All around, erratic in the incandescent nature of fury.

Mocked, stepped on, feared..

Blithe your way to it..


Mark me invisible..

Y'all just want some sort of edge!

I guarantee it will smoothen..

& You'll slip..

I guess this is where sympathy & empathy chime in

I'm supposed to help..

But I am unsure of what's my best

& what's my worse..

All spun into nothing.. stay on your edge..

So unclear

That is clear..

Unbridled passion in my words-- say it's less than I deserve-- see it's less than I deserve-- This path I lead feels so absurd-- Yet I find tidbits of humor though-- like certain words rhyming when I feel my woes I swear i'm not so critical frozen with a burning soul I can rest assured knowing that you know I made you feel-- whole..

What comes is out of my control..

At this point...

I've never been in, what I am

I guess you could choose the words

But I can only think of crucial, 4 letter ones..






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