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Frosted Words

by Katrina Thornley 7 months ago in love poems

Chasing Leaves

There was a current,

In the way the words flowed,

The way they passed through the air,

Falling like the red and gold leaves

That littered the path.

And like the leaves,

I tried to catch them in my hands,

Hoping their capture

Would grant a wish,

A wish for truth.

But like the leaves,

That floated this way and that,

Descending towards me,

Then away,

The words were not so easily


Despite begging

And batted lashes,

And softened hands,

The words could not be captured,

Could not be followed,

For as soon as they appeared,

They vanished.

And I wondered-

Had I imagined it all-

The red and gold

Of your words,

The whimsical flotation

Of cursed words

That are so eagerly chased

By broken souls.

The words landed

And before collection,

Nature frosted them-

Freezing all.

-Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley has recently published 2 collections of poetry. Available on Amazon now! Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature and Arcadians: Wooden Mystics

love poems

Katrina Thornley

Katrina Thornley is a Rhode Island based author with 2 collections of poetry currently published. Arcadians: Lullaby in Nature and Arcadians: Wooden Mystics can both be found on Amazon as well as on www.seekatwrite.com.

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Katrina Thornley
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