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"Frost's Embrace"

In winter's icy grasp, a tale unfurls, A poem woven through the snowy swirls.

By AHSANPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
"Frost's Embrace"
Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

In winter's icy grasp, a tale unfurls,

A poem woven through the snowy swirls.

Where frosty breath dances upon the air,

A wintry symphony beyond compare.

The world, adorned in a gown of pure white,

Glistens with crystals in the soft moonlight.

Each step upon the ground, a gentle crunch,

As nature's canvas holds a tranquil hunch.

Beneath the silver sky, a hush descends,

As winter's magic quietly transcends.

The trees, like sentinels, their branches bare,

Stand tall and proud, resilience they declare.

The sun, a distant visitor in the sky,

Casts pale hues upon the landscape's sigh.

A fleeting warmth upon a frosted cheek,

As daylight wanes, in shadows, it will sneak.

Yet in the bitter cold, a beauty lies,

A secret whispered in the snowflake's guise.

For in this frozen realm, hearts find a way,

To cherish warmth and love, despite the gray.

Children in mittens, laughter in the air,

Building snowmen with meticulous care.

Their rosy cheeks, a testament to joy,

Unleashing dreams that winter can't destroy.

The hearths are lit, a sanctuary's glow,

Where families gather, fireside they know.

With tales and songs, they weave a cozy thread,

Embracing love as winter nights are spread.

And as the evening deepens, stars emerge,

A tapestry of dreams, the universe's surge.

They twinkle with a promise of hope and cheer,

Guiding souls through winter's chill, so clear.

So, let us celebrate this winter's day,

Where nature paints a scene in shades of gray.

For in the cold embrace, we find our grace,

And winter's beauty leaves a lasting trace.

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