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From Your Daughter

A poem

By Niña Bless ChavezPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Hey dad!

You were the best father I ever had.

Always the best chef who cooks my food

That tastes so delicious and good.

When I was five you taught me how to tie my shoelace,

And how to fight, for you said that life is a race.

Hey dad!

Remember those times you get mad?

Maybe because of the worsts and pain,

I want to bring back your smile

Yet it’s now harder to gain.

For all those mistakes I did,

I realized I was a foolish kid.

Hey dad!

All the times I felt so bad,

Especially when mom had passed away

It’s been eleven years from now, anyway.

The feeling of husband losing a wife,

From a ten-year-old kid turning to grade five.

Hey dad!

How does it make me so sad?

imagining on my 18th birthday,

You’ll take me to the dancefloor I pray

To the tune of ‘Dance with my father’ covered by Jessica Sanchez,

Swaying slowly as I whispered to you, “You’re the best”.

Hey dad!

Can you lend me your hand?

I want to go back in time when we were still together

But now, everything seems over.

Dad, this poem is for thee,

In my heart, there you’ll be.


About the Creator

Niña Bless Chavez

Former English instructor. Licensed Professional teacher but trying to go back in writing and make it as another career and develop. Experienced campus journalist and a script writer for school plays.

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