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From the Eyes of My Baby

An exploration into the mystery of birth, inspired by my baby daughter and her beautiful aura

By Andromeda GallariniPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

When I first said hello world,

I knew the depths of inside

Felt like safety and became unfurled,

Bringing the end to a soft cocoon ride.

All I could see was a soft fuzzy orb

But from the little that I could absorb,

The new earth felt abysmally cold

And my snug cocoon-home snuck away.

A large feathery plume, I would say,

Swept me under its wing.

I slowly realised that I am the new mold

Of this largely ethereal thing!

That’s as much as I know;

I am only so old

That before I can grow

And my full story unfolds,

I can only see through little eyes

And hear through a delicate ear.

Amidst the alarming noise –

Not understanding what it implies –

A familiar sound I can hear

Emitted by something with a comforting poise,

And to which I wish to adhere,

A satisfying solace that’s safe, warm and near.

This great something that I felt had only been known

To me as a sign,

Had been my whole world as I had grown

And my single most comfort when all was shown.

I’m just so glad that she’s mine.


About the Creator

Andromeda Gallarini

Andromeda is a mother, song writer and an aspiring psychologist. Her main interests include the perplexity of the human psyche and the amelioriation of the "human condition".

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