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From Summer Obsession to Winter Depression

by J. DeTalente 13 days ago in love poems

A poem

From Summer Obsession to Winter Depression
Photo by Chiara Polo on Unsplash

Start I don’t know

why I always

default to the

way your summer

sheet shivers warm

while underneath

the things we do

every incomplete piece

that can still

tell the difference

between phantom nerves


feelings I keep

sometimes I still listen

to our playlist

on repeat


now my demons

know every word

so they sing

along with me

while ghostly fingertips

drum with every beat

It’s been weeks

enough time

to start to grow new skin

uncast the heart

reforge the spirit

but I still bleed from

fresh wounds

I still hop with an

outstretched beat

I still throw away

cooled crooked plates

I can’t look at flowers

without counting hours

or dwelling on scars

of yesterday

but I always call the ambulance

to save those mistakes

I’ve painted the person

I want to be from so many

angles, but I can never catch

the right light so my canvases

pile next to the dumpster outside

I can tell

there was a

time when all

I wanted was you

and I felt full

I just can’t tell

if there was a

time when

I wasn't emptywriting...

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J. DeTalente
J. DeTalente
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J. DeTalente


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