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From Pain to Purpose

by D'Shan Berry 4 months ago in inspirational
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A poem about overcoming

From Pain to Purpose
Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

I'm still afraid to look too pretty,

To tempt beyond control.

Though the guilt isn't mine to carry,

It weighs much on my soul.

Memories whisper lies in my ears,

Playing tricks on my mind.

Ambushed by feelings of hopelessness,

Peace can seem hard to find.

But, deep in the corners of my heart,

A still, small voice resides;

Bidding me, "Rise up, you're not alone!

You've no more need to hide."

My story, told, can make a difference

In someone else's world;

My words, a ransom for their freedom

About to be unfurled.

Though I still struggle, some, on most days,

Love gives purpose to life:

To listen with love and compassion,

To speak truth, and ease strife.


About the author

D'Shan Berry

I love words. I love art. I love Jesus.

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